writing history volume 3: a collection by new writers

collected and edited by Tracy Moniz with the University of Toronto Writing History Collective:

Michael Graham, Joanna Iossifidis, Justin Lau and Jillian Lim

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Finding the story in history . . .
History is “an unending dialogue between the present and the past,” wrote historian and journalist Edward Hallett Carr in 1961.
This fully-revised, third edition of Writing History demonstrates how writing turns information into history and new writers into historians. The collection contains fifty-two stories about historical subjects by twenty-one new writers from History and Writing, an upper-level course in the Professional Writing and Communication Program at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

These stories offer models of original, engaging, research-based history writing, with topics as diverse as the Partition of India, residential schools, body art, Vincent van Gogh and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The pieces in this collection combine personal observation with intellectual analysis, close observation with detailed research, and the satisfaction of knowledge with the excitement of inquiry. The writers tell stories about what happened, what it felt like and how we know about it. They remind us why history is interesting and why it matters.


Emily Acheson

Selections from "University of Toronto"


Raj Asimi

Selections from "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement"


Sean Fitzgerald

Selections from "Italy at War"


Melanie Fournier-Moncrieffe

Selections from "Residential Schools in Canada"

Michael Graham

"The 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan"


Jillian Lim

Selections from "The Ladies Golf Club of Toronto"


Melissa Carter

Selections from "The Greatest Generation"

Jackie Davis

Selections from "Tom Thomson"


Justin Lau

Selections from "Jade"


Doug Lu

Selections from "Tent City Toronto"


Claire Saunders

Selections from "The London Blitz, 1940"

Jennifer Ewen

Selections from "Titanic"


Jai Sangha

Selections from "Powering Canada"


Kyle Weber

Selections from "Dear God, I have Tattoos: A Collection on Religion and Body Art"

Hira Hayee

"The 1947 Partition: One Woman's History"

Sarah Witzel

Selections from "Chatelaine: What Makes a Woman "Complete'"


Dafna Sappire-Rubinstein

Selections from "The Colonial Way"

Josh Bulgin

Selections from "Cod Fishing in Newfoundland"


Claudio Carosi

Selections from "Vincent van Gogh"

Kimberly Wright

Selections from "Shanghailander'"


Joanna Iossifidis

Selections from "The Immigrants"


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ISBN 978-1-927023-60-0 (v. 3)

Writing history : a collection by new writers / collected and edited by
Tracy Moniz and The University of Toronto Writing History Collective.
Vol. 3 published 2013 by Life Rattle Press
Life Rattle New Writers Series, 1200-5266
Includes bibliographical references.
1. History--Miscellanea. 2. History--Literary collections.
I. Moniz, Tracy II. University of Toronto at Mississauga. Writing History Collective
III. Series: Life Rattle new writers series
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