writing history volume 2: a collection by new writers

collected and edited by isa cunanan, margaret procter, kornelia telesz and julie Tyios




Finding the story in history . . .
A new collection by sixteen writers from the Professional Writing and Communication Program at the University of Toronto demonstrates how writing turns information into history.

The thirty-five pieces in this volume combine personal observation with intellectual analysis, close observation with detailed research, and the satisfaction of knowledge with the excitement of inquiry.

They tell stories about what happened, what it felt like, and how we know about it. Above all they demonstrate why history is interesting and why it matters.


Talha Aversa

"John Grierson: Father of Documentary"


Nadeem Basaria

"How Many Points"
"Dipping History into Chia"


Audrey Crasto

"Bloody Friday"


Nicholle Crasto

"In the Middle of a War Zone"


Sadiya Dendar



Demetra Dimokopoulos

"Whiskey, Anyone?"


Sean Fitzgerald

"A Bright Nighttime"
"Spaghetti, Eggs and Signorinas"
"The Dead Cow and the Hay Soldiers"


Andrea Grassi

"The Tour"
"Now Playing: 1930-1981"


Doug Lu

"Tent City Was Here '02"


Sharon McCartan

"Mrs. Doyle's Hurling Stick"


Lorna Sloukji

"To Whom it May Concern"


Charlotte Strathdee

"The Way We Crochet"
"Lucy's House"
"Husbands by Numbers, or Why Lucy Never Got Married"
"Saturdays and Little Boys"
"Bobby and the Hearse"
"The Telephone"
"Six Where There Should Only Be Five"


Salma Tarikh

"Bananas, Chalgozas, and the History of East Africa"


Kornelia Telesz

"Bridging Two Cities"
"Veiling Suicide"


Geoff Thomas

"A Child's Perspective"
"The Chief's Perspective"
"The Mayor's Perspective"


Julie Tylos

"The Ladies' Annex"
"Fifteen-Two and a Ghost"



National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2007
Series: Life rattle new writers series 1200 5266 28
Numbers: Canadiana: 20049074016 ISBN: 978-1-897161-54-8
Classification: D13.W692 2007 909 C2007-907344-1
I. Cunanan, Isa, 1983-
II. Procter, Margaret, 1944-
III. Telesz, Kornelia, 1984-
IV. Tyios, Julie, 1984-
II. Series