Writing History: A Collection by New Writers

Collected and edited by the Writing History Collective and Margaret Procter

Finding the story in history . . .
Thirty short pieces by sixteen new writers demonstrate how writing turns information into history. The writers combine personal observation with intellectual analysis, close observation with detailed research, and the satisfaction of knowledge with the excitement of inquiry. They tell stories about what happened, what it felt like and how we know about it.
Above all they demonstrate why history interests us and why it matters.


Syed Fuad Ahmed

"Which Side Are You One?"


Nadeem Basaria

"The Ban of Tryptophan Supplements"
"Disaster Strikes"


Hanna Belopolsky



Robert Chan



Hien The Chu

"Boat 52/110 Mindanao"


Jackie Davis

"Thomson's North"
"The Undertaker"
"Who Was Tom Thomson?"


Marie Hoy

"The Coal Mine Disaster"


Cynthia Kao-Johnson

"The Front Line"


Anjum Kaukab

"Perspectives Speak Volumes"


Renate Kellhammer

"The Last Days"


Adrian Palinic

"The Gravel Road"


Marsha Rambert

"The Curfew"
"The News Report"


Faaizah Salahuddin

"Please Tell Me Your Stories"
"Prisoner of War in Camp #28"


Natasha Sigalov

"A Trip to Israel"
"Fruits and Vegetables for the Russian People"
"The Kitchen Table"
"Ocean and Sky"


Lynn Tremblay

"Detour Ahead"
"Latter Day Saints"
"We're All Mad, I Tell You"


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Publisher: Life Rattle Press, 2004
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