when it happens: An anthology of creative nonfiction

Collected and Edited by Rebecca Brenner, dani buchner, shoshana green and ken levine


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An anthology of creative nonfiction from sixteen new Canadian authors.
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Rebecca Brenner

Dani Buchner
"When It Happens"
"Should I Cry?"
"Five Reasons"
"The Eye"

Heba Elsherief

Sandra Campoverde
"All the Jokes in Egypt" "Bowties and Telenovelas"
Loredana Polidoro Keith Brown

"Anna's Hair"
"The Thin Blue Line"

"Cigarette Money"
"Left Behind"
Candice Frederick Michael Graham
"Mrs. Viola" "The Road to Harlow"

Laura Raymond

Shoshana Green
"Miss Jones"
"Tea With Ajinder"


Ken Levine

Martha Sinclair

"Ten Dollar Taxi"
"Nap Time"
"Student Welfare"
"Frozen Beef"
Alesia Malec

Deena Kara Shaffer

"Ricky" "The Fishing Game"
Stefanie Turner Aya Nishiyama
"Rate Me"

"Broken Telephone"


ISBN 978-1-987936-26-1
Life Rattle New Writers Series ISSN 1200 5266