Trees Running Backwards

Stories by Thirteen Writers

Duluth, Minnesota: A young girl prepares for her confirmation in the front pew of a church—with a frog under her cap.
Bolivia: Boudie, the pick-pocket capuchin monkey in an animal refuge, perches high in a tree with a tourist’s wallet, plucks out bills one-by-one and watches them flutter to the crowd below.
Glovertown, Newfoundland: A six-year-old girl delights in the bricks of store-bought ice cream that arrive in her tiny Newfoundland outport.
Tehran, Iran: Men and women suffer horrific punishments after members of the Komiteh, self-appointed enforcers of Islamic law, raid a graduation party.

Twenty-five stories take readers into myriad situations—sometimes moving, sometimes preposterous, sometimes shocking. These new writers show our world as silly, inspiring, cruel and fun, kind, mystifying and outrageous.


Bracco, Carole

"Grey Nuns"


Cianca, Sherri

"Crowning Mary, Queen of the Lake"
"The Red Tricycle"
"We Need Water"


Clarke, Denise P.

"Travelling Black and White Across Canada"


Coward, Audrey Briffett



Han, Huamei

"Yang's Love"


Iscove, Naomi

"Inti Wara Yassi"
"On the Way to Uyuni"


Kielar, Julia

"Introduction to Keyboarding"
"A Casual Encounter"


Pearce, Tyler

"Cleaning the Bathroom"
"Visiting Steven"
"Walking on Harboard"


Rejniewicz, Paulina

"Reality Torn"


St-Onge, Chantal

"The List"
"Seven Digits"


Sauvé, Stephanie

"The Future in Coffee Grinds"
"Nothing Lost"


Shayan, Faraz

"My Turn"


Westerhof, Patricia

"Dad's Garden"
"Poplar Grove"



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Price: Names: Thirteen Writers (Group)
Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2004
Series: Life rattle new writers series 1200 5266 22
Numbers: Canadiana: 20049074113 ISBN: 09735201-3-2
Classification: LC Call no.: PS8365 T74 2005 Dewey: C818/.6 22
Subjects: Reportage literature, Canadian (English)