tandem bicycle: Poems

Robert Grant Price

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"A Woman's voice carries across
a song of love from an older time
when life was war and love a refuge
from the world outside the door.
Her voice is sad, at the same time joyous,
longing for more and breathing a chorus
of peace in the morning and in the evening
nightingales, full-throated, singing."

- from "Bells Sound Like Birdsong"


Tandem Bicycle by Robert Grant Price is a collection of plainly spoken lyrical poems. A debut collection, this book shows range and maturity. Included is the long poem "Bells Sound like Birdsong," a 900 line poem in fifteen parts. The poem presents a range of voices speaking on matters of universal concern: Why are we here? What holds us together as a people?


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Tandem bicycle : poems / Robert Grant Price.
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