Rub Salt: Stories by Robert Charles Osborne,
Peaches D. Ledwidge, Elizabeth Clark and Hien The Chu

Collected and Edited by Guy Allen


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Rub Salt brings together in one volume stunning creative nonfiction by four outstanding Life Rattle Press writers.

Hien The Chu writes about imprisonment in Vietnam, bullying and cannibalism on a drifting refugee ship in the Pacific, and a Philippine refugee camp where caseworkers who have little time for death, push aside a grieving widow who “lights two joss sticks” and “takes a bowl and two boiled eggs out of her bag” to place on her husband’s coffin. These stories were originally published in Express Funeral and Other Stories (out of print).

Elizabeth Clark writes about rural Ontario, ironic stories about a young woman who dekes her way around the traps of a dysfunctional family and oppressive small-town morés to ditch the cruel pettiness of a life where an eight-year-old watches her mother “throw a litter of live newborn kittens into the blazing wood stove and slam the door.” These stories were originally published in Santa and Other Lies (out of print).

Peaches D. Ledwidge writes about life in a poor Jamaican sea village, stories hilarious and heartbreaking, with wonderful creole dialogue, about the iron-willed daughter who schemes around her iron-willed mother to act “like a big woman” and give herself to her boyfriend “under a big oak tree not far from the church.” These stories were originally published in Waves Against Rocks and Other Stories (out of print).

Robert Charles Osborne writes big-boned, tender stories set in 1950s Port Credit, Ontario, a decaying fishing village, where the boy narrator notes the difference
between his father, who beats him when he is drunk, and Elmer Leach across the street who beats his “four sons ‘stone cold sober’...out on the lawn for all to see. These stories were originally published in Four Stories (out of print).

National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Edition: First Canadian ed.
Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2012

Rub salt : short stories by Hien The Chu, Elizabeth Clark, Peaches D. Ledwidge and Robert Charles Osborne / collected and edited by Guy Allen.

(New writers series , ISSN 1200-5266)
ISBN: 978-1-927023-09-0

1. Short stories, Canadian.  2. Canadian fiction (English)--21st century.
I. Allen, Guy, 1947-  II. Series: Life Rattle new writers series

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