Life Rattle (The CD)


The stories on Life Rattle, the CD, come from the Life Rattle radio show. This half-hour program, now in its sixteenth year, features autobiographical narratives by new writers every Sunday evening, 9:00 p.m., on CKLN 88.1 FM, Toronto.
Life Rattle founders Arnie Achtman and Guy Allen search out, record and broadcast experience-based writing from Toronto communities.
Life Rattle presents a cultural alternative to passive spectatorism. Life Rattle prizes people's expression of themselves. You won't hear or see these stories anywhere else. These stories make us, our communities, our families known to others-and to ourselves.


Selina Africaine

"The Roti Shop"


Sultan Ameerali

"Garbagemen Selling DuMauriers"
"SkyDome: Death of a Thousand Cuts"


Beth Clarke

"The Day Dad Died"


Denny Hunte

"The Home Visit"


Laurie Kallis

"Stepping Out"


Jennifer Lee

"Beijing Heat"


Kwai Li

"Visiting Relatives"


Peter Palladini

"Cell Phone"
"Christmas Dinner"
"The Coat Hanger"


Lorraine Robbin

"Sorry' Yes, Thank You"


Rosa Veltri

"Collapsed Bridge"


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Life rattle [electronic resource] / producer/editors: Arnie Achtman, Guy Allen.
Names: Achtman, Arnie 1948- Allen, Guy 1947-
Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2004
Series: Life rattle new writers series 1200 5266 20
Numbers: ISBN: 0-9735201-1-6 Canadiana: 2004-902865-0
Classification: LC Call number PS8321.L44 2004 Dewey: C813'.010806C
Subjects: 1. Short stories, Canadian (English) 2. Canadian fiction (English)--21st century.