Ice WOrms, Magic Mushrooms, Redback Spiders and Lobotomies:
communicating science Second Edition

Collected and Edited by: Guy Allen With the University of Toronto Science Writing Collective



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This fully revised second edition of Ice Worms, Magic Mushrooms, Redback Spiders and Lobotomies: Communicating Science contains 43 articles about scientific subjects by 18 new writers from Science and Writing, an upper-level course in the Professional Writing and Communication Program at University of Toronto Mississauga.

With articles about poison dart frogs, performance-enhancing drugs, lobotomy, magic mushrooms, ice worms, human genetics, chirality, cone snails, strabismus, Stockholm syndrome, redback spiders, gender identity, autism, spinal bifida, neuroplasticity and epigenetics, traumatic brain injury and breath-hold diving, this collection offers models of lucid, engaging, research-based science writing.

These writers bridge the gap between the culture of science and the wider culture of educated and curious readers. Science, even for the intelligent and highly educated, seems to happen in forbidding and remote territory.

Good science writing guides us there.

Monica Chatrath
Sara Angel Herrche
Katherine Jones
Karen Phung
Sharlene Sarfi
Ashish Seth
Mélanie Sindrey

Carine Abouseif
Michelle Kathryn Duklas
Jillian Lim

Selections from "Ice Worms"
by Chun-Lan Lin

Selections from "Cone Snails"
by Jaclyn Davis

Selections from "Lobotomy"
by Beth Dennis

Selections from "Gender Identity Disorder"
by J. J. Deogracias

Selections from "Stockholm Syndrome"
by Su Lyn Liew

Selections from "Autism"
by Geoff Thomas

Selections from "Strabismus"
by Carine Abouseif

Selections from "Spina Bifida"
by Susan Guenther

Selections from "Traumatic Brain Injury"
by Isabelle May-Parker

Selections from "Neuroplasticity and Depression"
by Jillian Lim

Selections from "Evolutionary Advantages Associated with Depression"
by Sufian Malik

Selections from "Chirality"
by Lorilee Diane Emshey

Selections from "Psilocybin"
by Ashish Seth

Selections from "Performance Enhancing Drugs"
by Ben Fong

Selections from "Bodybuilding Drugs"
by Josh Bulgin

Selections from "Breath-hold Diving"
by Michelle Kathryn Duklas


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Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2011
Ice worms, magic mushrooms, redback spiders and lobotomies: communicating science
Collected and edited by Guy Allen with the University of Toronto Science Writing Collective. --2nd ed.
INew writers series, ISSN 1200-5266)
1. Technical Writing.
2. Science News.
I. Allen, Guy, 1947-
II. University of Toronto Science Writing Collective
III.Series: Life Rattle new writers series
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978-1-927023-31-0
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