Environment and Ecology: Stories

collected and edited By John Ross Currie


Environment and Ecology


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From the fragrances of the greenhouse to the lineups at the drive thru, nine new writers show us people and places most of us rarely take time to ponder. From a creative assistant at an ad agency who “moves” toilet paper, to a 14-year-old boy who perfects his vegetable garden, the people these writers encounter let us into their lives and their thoughts on environmental and ecological issues.
Before long, in hearing these stories, in seeing these lives, we catch glimpses of ourselves.


Emily Acheson

"Albert Koehl"
"Stuck at the Drive Thru"

Ashley Braz

"Inside the Greenhouse"

Kimberly Knight

"East Coast"

Horatio Lun

"The Wipe"

Yun Ma

"Mom’s Backyard Garden"

Phillip Parsons

"Dorothy Smith Bragg"

Ashish Seth

"A Multi-Environmentalist"

Claire Saunders

"Blowing Leaves"
"Forty-Five Thousand Brown Paper Bags"

Shaun Suares

"Veggies Are Your Pals"


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Environment and ecology : stories / collected and edited by John Currie.
(Life Rattle new writers series, ISSN 1200-5266 ; 36)
ISBN 978-1-897161-90-6
1. Creative nonfiction, Canadian (English)--Ontario--Toronto.
2. Environmentalism.
3. Human ecology.
I. Currie, John, 1969-
II. Series: Life Rattle new writers series ; 36
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