Dwellers on the Threshold:
Tales of People, Plants and places on the Edge

By Marianne Kalich


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From the back cover:

"I have to explore my limits to learn who I am all over again. I need to push beyond my comfort zone. Will you come to my fortieth birthday party? If anyone wants to do something, like a performance or whatever, I ask them to step outside of their comfort zone too."

What went beyond Debbie's comfort zone? This I needed to see.



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Edition: 1st Canadian ed.
Names: Kalich, Marianne, 1957-

Dwellers on the threshold : tales of people, plants and
Places on the edge / Marianne Kalich.

Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, c2010
New publishers series 1713-8981
ISBN 978-1-897161-84-5
I. Title. II.Series: New publishers series
PS85621.A468D94 2010          C814'.6           C2010-901769-2