communicating science: A collection by new writers
2nd edition

Collected and Edited by guy allen and the science 2000 collective


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Communicating Science contains 47 articles about scientific subjects by 23 new writers from Science and Writing, an upper-level course in the Professional Writing and Communication Program at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, writers who bridge the gap between the culture of science and the wider culture of educated readers.
This collection offers models of lucid, engaging, research-based writing, including articles about agricultural biotechnology, cloning, DNA forensics and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.


Firoozeh Bahrami

"Neo-Organs: New Hopes for Human Organ Transplantation"


Tina Bankovic

"Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: Biological Broken Telephone"


James Brookes

"Brain Aneurysms: Blood Balloon Bombs"
"The Fall of Man: A Brief Look at Male Menopause"


Nadia Butt

"Endometriosis Sucks"


Irene Farjou

"In Search of the Hairless Gene"


Karen Graham

"The Benefits of Biotechnology"
"Biotechnology: Genetic Cut and Paste"
"Farmageddon: Biotechnology and Human Safety"
"Hurt Not the Earth: Biotechnology and Environmental Safety"


Chandra Gilbert

"The Marlboro Man Conceives"


Adam Giles

"Tapes Bad, CDs Good"


Susan Guenther

"The C-Tube: No More 'Accidents'"
"Tethered Cord Syndrome"
"When a Neural Tube Defect Splits The Spine: Spina Bifida"


Anthe Harabaras

"Ears That Stay Where You Put Them"


Lee Holmes

"Computers and the Hubble Space Telescope"


Megan Dawn Howie

"Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever"


Sheliza Ibrahim

"Convict Cichlids: The Case of Sexual Selection"


Daren Kadis

"Shock Treatment for Suicidal, Depressed, Psychotic and Schizophrenic Patients"


Duncan Koerber

"Aquifers and Wells"
"Brain Aneurysm Strikes Suddenly"
"How Scientists Study the Moraine"
"Oak Ridges Moraine"


Gareth MacRae

"Alzheimer's Disease"
"The Solar Wind Creates The Northern Lights"


Vanessa Mariga

"Understanding Creutzfeld-Jacobs Disease"


Tracy Moniz

"Hello Dolly"
"Human Cloning: A New Recipe for Human Life"


Nicole Phillips

"Why Good Drugs Can Kill"


Robert Price

"Ricky Martin's Musical Head"


Ivana Rajda

"Quantum Money: An Application of Quantum Technology"


Vera Reddy

"The Altropane Test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"


Damien Sebastien

"When Milk Does the Body Harm"


Ingrid Sevels

"Snoring and Sleep Apnea"


Richard Shaw

"The Polar Vortex and the Ozone Layer"


Darren Smith

"DNA: How Does It Tell Its Forensic Story?"


Karen Stephen

"Carbon Monoxide: How It Kills"
"The Evolutionary Arms Race Between Bats and Moths"


Natalie Szokoll

"Ebola Virus 101"


Anita J. Wagner

"Controlling Zebra Mussells"
"Driessena Polymorpha--Zebra Mussells"
"The Zebra Mussell Life Cycle"


National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Edition: 2nd ed.
Names: Allen, Guy, 1947-Science 2000 Collective
Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2004
Series: Life rattle new writers series 1200 5266 12
Numbers: Canadiana: 2003-9073661
ISBN: 978-0-9688291-6-3
Classification: LC Call no.:T11 C66 2004 Dewey: 808/.0665 21
Subjects: Technical writing Science