Becoming silver girl

By Larissa Fleurette


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Becoming Silver Girl is a collection of non-fiction short stories depicting one girl's experiences in an adolescent mental health unit at the age of sixteen.

The collection includes "Not Still Me," the winner of the Mississauga Arts Council's 2014 Emerging Literary Arts Award.

"He gazes at me, seemingly without hurry. I try to see myself through his eyes. My hands grip the arms of the cushioned chair I have sunk into, squeezing as if I’m steeling myself against some unknown pain. I try to remember that he doesn’t want to hurt me. I can see that he doesn’t, but my mind is in cha- os, panic, despair, and most of all, grief, which is a strange emotion to have when one has not a thing to grieve about."

- an excerpt from "Not Still Me"




ISBN: 978-1-987936-02-5