The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2014: Stories


This year's festival anthology includes the stories read at the 2014 Totally Unknown Writers Festival, and one selection from each writer featured on the Life Radio Radio Podcasts in the 2014 season. Including:

Afreen Chowdhury “Chocolate”
Alexandra Geddes “Dinosaur Bones”
Amna Bhutta “Fakeer”
Andrew Lobo “The Puzzle”
Anne Yendell “Campfire”
Bridget Poole “The Punchline”
Catherine Vu “Our First Time”
Claire Holland “Women’s Rites”
Claudio Carosi “Oreo”
Daniel Ignacio “Electricity”
David Kee “Ice Cream”
Evangeline Sled “Cow Plops”
Jamie Gillingham “The Waverly Inn”
Jason Swetnam “Ron’s Smile”
Jayson San Miguel “Try-A-Tri”
Jean Chung “Flower Girl”
Jessica Zurawicki “A Blind Duck”
Kyra Weichert “Home for Christmas”
Larissa Crawley “The Ham”
Laura Lush “Bacon and a Pair”
Martha Sinclair “Dinner at Il Fornello”
Nathalie Soulliere “Promise Me, Cowboy”
Nathaniel Voll “Agnes Was...”
Nicholas Tsangarides “Italian Leathers”
Phyllis Mak “Smoker’s Pit”
Robert Jones “Somewhere Special”
Rob Redford “Genesis”
Robin Young “Sandcastles”
Sadah Saleem “Hide and Seek”
Saeed Rahman “Behind Closed Doors”
Sarah E. Truman “The Sleet Storm”
Sheridan Martins “Bastard”
Tyler McLaren “Failure to Launch”
Waffa Saleem “Eid ul Adha”
Zeenat Mohamed “The Chinese Carpet”

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Life Rattle Press New Writers Series

ISBN 978-1-927023-85-3