The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2009: Stories



The stories read at the 2009 Festival:


"A Taste of Banana"

Maria Hoy writes about her father’s first taste of banana as a young man growing up in Scotland during the Second World War.


"Pet Cemetery"

Marianne Kalich writes about two delightful neighbourhood girls, whose crayon drawings are inexplicably connected to the death of family pets.



Fuad Ahmed writes about an academically gifted student’s first hand experience of abortion.



Rahul Sethi writes about his enterprising Mother’s installation of a cereal, garbage bag and grocery box collage that replaces the blown down entry door to their basement apartment on a blustery winter day.



Victoria Martinez writes about a young law student’s balancing act as she is tempted by the riches offered by older men.


"The Art of Concentration"

Sabeen Abbas writes about a Japanese chef’s passion for creating jewel-like platters of sushi.



Laurel Eden writes about smoking burgers, blaring fire alarms and all else that rises when a mother prepares dinner for a family of four young children before heading out for an evening.


"Are You Still Conflicted"

Salma Tarikh writes about a young woman coming to terms with the sting of another frayed relationship, and the difficulties of writing.


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Price: $7.00

Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2009
Numbers: ISBN: 978-1-897161-75-3
Subjects: 1. Short stories, Canadian (English) 2. Canadian Fiction (English)—21st century
I. Series Life rattle new writers series 1200 5266;32