The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2005: A celebration of arnie


A collection of stories from the Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2005: A Celebration of Arnie. Stories that celebrate Arnie Achtman: written for and about Arnie, as well as stories and performance pieces written by Arnie.

This collection and the Thirteenth Annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival:
A Celebration of Arnie
, would not have come together with out the help of many hands. That so many hands were offered is an indication of the number of lives that Arnie Achtman impacted in a positive way. Through their writing, the many authors who contributed to this collection introduce Arnie to those who never had the pleasure of knowing him and remind those of us who did, of his humour, strength of character, kindness, gentleness, dedication and vision.

For Arnie

Selina Africaine

"They Called Me Mad"


Derek Allen

"Boola Boola"


Sultan Ameerali

"You Got a Hairy Back"


Virginia Ashberry

"No Ribbons"


Aline Burke

"Early Magic"


Adam Giles

"Mini Heart Break Festival"


Karen Graham

"I Never Knew the Man"


Huamei Han

"One Dollar Host"


Denny Hunte

"The Phone Call"


Kwai Li



Marie Margis

"Homemade Soup"


Victoria Martinez

"Yes, Arnie, Sir"


Marilli Martyn

"Sharing Life Experiences"


Donna McFarlane

"Losing Arnie"


Jillian McKelvey

"Don’t Squeak"


Eloi Minka

"My Father’s Son"


Zamerul Neshaw

"Summer Trail"


Robert Price

"Arnie’s Closet"


Onezimo Rodrigues

"Natural Style"


Natasha Sigalov

"A Big Drum in a Small Blue Room"


Heather Taylor

"Expressive Writing with Arnie Achtman"


Wendy Thatcher

"A Member of the Cast"




Arnie Achtman

"The Introduction to: This is What Happened"

"Swimming in Mud"








Arnie Achtman

"American Express"

"The Commercial"



"Two Actors"


Arnie Achtman and Guy Allen

"Nice Boys Say No"


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Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2005
Series: Life rattle new writers series 1200 5266 25
Numbers: ISBN: ISBN 1-897161-08-5
1. Short stories, Canadian (English)
2. Canadian fiction (English)--21st century.
3. Reportage literature, Canadian (English)
4. Achtman, Arnie, 1948-2005—Biography. I. Achtman, Arnie, 1948-2005 II. Series.