The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2008
A worried Natasha, Festival Coordinator
Robert keeps control of the book table
Guy and Natasha thank the audience
The Audience
Reader Nelson Rosales
Reader Sadiyar Dendar
Reader Geoff Thomas
Reader Michal Majernik
Reader Yun Ma
Reader Jenise Aaron
Reader Christine Zobniw

The Fifteenth Annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival,
held on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at The Rivoli in Toronto featured these great new writers, whose work is published in the Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2008: Stories collection:

Christine Zobniw reading "Engagement"

Sadiya Dendar reading "History and Film"

Nelson Rosales reading "MamaChela"

Jenise Aaron reading "Rosa Parks Had the Right Idea"

Janice Newton reading "In Pencil Lightly"

Michal Majernik reading "Hunger"

Charlotte Strathdee reading "The Way We Crochet"

Jennifer Ellen Smith reading "Parenthood"

Yun Ma reading "You Won't Be Interested"

Geoff Thomas reading "From a Mountain Top"

These stories are published in
The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2008: Stories