The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2004
Javier mans the door as he has
for countless years

Arnie Achtman accepts a plaque and
flowers from appreciative writers

Guy Allen opens the evening

Hira Hyder

Vanessa Mariga

The audience

Heather Taylor

Ingrid Sevels
Greg Shupak
Martha Ayim helps present Guy and
Arnie with plaques and roses
Guy and Arnie, accustomed to being
the ones who recognize and speak of
the strengths of others, stand awkwardly
as a presentation is made in honour
of their long standing support of new writers

The Twelth Annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival,
held on February 4, 2004 at The Rivoli in Toronto

Teresa Coome reading "Forgotten"
Huamei Han reading "Wen"
Hira Hyder reading "The Murres"
Afrooz K-Milani reading "Deh-Zak"
Vanessa Mariga reading "The Colour of Time"
Jill McKelvey reading "Barbara"
Eloi Minka reading "The Misty Trail"
Ingrid Sevels reading "Drive to the Jani Concert"
Greg Shupak reading "Give and Take"
Heather Taylor reading "Sushi"

These stories are published in
The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2004: Stories