The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 1996

The Fifth Annual Totally Unkown Writers Festival, held on October 22, 1996 at The Rivoli in Toronto featured:

Hien The Chu reading "The Scent of Green Chilies"
Mike DeLellis reading "The Day After"
Tamsin Dollin reading "Sports" and "Kat"
Jennifer Lee reading "Going to Chinese School"
Kwai Lireading "The Fish Who Came to Dinner"
Shannon Martin reading "Colin and His Two Favourite Ladies"
Gillian McIntyre reading "Suburbia"
Antonia Putica reading "Burying the Bibles"
Raven Rowanchilde reading "Nick"
Lisa Wiggins reading "A Valentine's Adventure"
Laura Wilson reading "Communication Difficulties," "Stuck" and "Bath Time"

These stories are published in The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 1996: Stories