Urban art

by paul dorsz


Out of Print

Excerpt from "Queen Street Alley":

Click. Click. My camera's flash brightens the staircase of Black Market Vintage Clothing. Dimitri and I walk down the stires, thank the brown-haired girl working the counter for letting us take a picture, and walk back up to Queen Street.

"Guy, you're gonna shit your pants when you see Queen Street Alley," Dimitri takes a bite from his Mars bar and throws the empty wrapper on the ground.

"I better, 'cause I want to see some good graff for once."

"I know guy, the Clarkson graff is total ass, but this stuff is good, I'm talkin' pro shit..."



National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Edition: 1st Canadian ed.
Name (s): Dorsz, Paul
Publisher: Life Rattle Press (Toronto), 2006
Numbers: ISBN: 978-1-897161-43-2