T-Shaped underwear

By nazia tarikh


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"'Dad, really, I want to write about you and Kenya.'
'Okay, okay. What do you want to know?' He folds his hands across his stomach. He purses his lips and wriggles his eyebrows.

I cross my legs, place the paper on top of the magazine and look up at him. 'Everything.'

"I was born April 10, 1949 in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. It was the black people's country. When I was there it was under the British rule. We were a British colony and I went to a British school....'"




National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Edition: 1st Canadian ed.
Names: Tarikh, Nazia 1984-
T-shaped underwear / Nazia Tarikh.

Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2007
New publishers series 1713-8981
ISBN 978-1-897161-31-9
1. Tarikh, Nazia, 1984- --Travel. 2. Tarikh, Nazia, 1984- --Family.
I. Tairikh, Selma. II. Title. III. Series.
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