primary colours: A collection of short stories

by serena mann


Twelve stories. Eight characters. Three emotions. Red, blue and yellow. Primary Colours encompasses a variety of contemporary stories about violence, sex, workplace clashes, high school insecurities and cultural differences.


"University students poured down the main stairwell, opposite our table, to the deep brown tiled floor of the Meeting Place.

'Hot Indian girls! Drunk Indian guys!' I shouted as students strolled past me.

Nisha laughed at my comments. Other students sneered.


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Edition: 1st Canadian ed.
Names: Mann, Serena,

Primary Colours : a collection of short stories.

Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, c2007
New publishers series 1713-8981
ISBN 978-1-897161-49-4
I. Title. II.Series: New publishers series