Life, Land and Time

By Mélanie Sindrey


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A Work of Science Journalism about Life

The archetypal noble scientist, Linnaeus pondered the contents of our world en masse while presuming their age at 6000 years. He worked long before the key to explaining the distribution of life: tectonic theory.

Linnaeus developed his own theories about species distributions (based on the biblical tradition). His attempts seem colourful and imaginative with scientific hindsight.

Driven by the principle that God communicates to man through nature, Linnaeus set out to translate. Carl Von Linné developed the system of species classification we use today: the binomial system of taxonomic nomenclature. Today we know it as Binomial nomenclature. Each living thing is named in two parts, the Genus and the Species; this is the scientific name. The scientific name is Latinized due to historical tradition of what really is nothing more than a slight snobbery on the part of scientists.

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Life Rattle Press, Toronto

Sindrey, Mélanie
Life, Land and Time: Facets of Biogeography / Mélanie Sindrey.
Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN: 978-1-927023-06-8

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