Keeping daisies

By Rolla Bahsous



Keeping Daisies is about weeding out the negative things in one's life, be it relationships, illnesses, fears or habits, and learning how to recognize the good. Learning how to keep the daisies.

If there's one thing about myself that I am certain of now, it's that I hate goodbyes. Any goodbyes. Be it a phone call goodbye, a travelling goodbye, a date goodbye. Heck, I even hate finishing a good book, even if it has a happy ending...Absolutely hate goodbyes. There's always a sense of awkwardness for me when I say goodbye.

When do I say it? How? Hug? Kiss? Who should say it first? The goodbye doesn't have to be only to a person, but perhaps to a place, physical or not.

Excerpt from: "The Next Goodbye"



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Names: Bahsous, Rolla
            Keeping Daisies / Rolla Bahsous.
Life Rattle Press, Toronto
ISBN: 978-1-897161-93-7

1. Creative Nonfiction, Canadian (English) 2. Bahsous, Rolla.
I. Title. II. Series: New Publishers Series

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