goan crazy

by tanya aguiar


As time ticks off, minute by minute, so do the minutes of our lives. When death takes us, what are we? Are we the houses we so lovingly painted and lived in? Are we the clothes we wore, the sculptures we molded, the books we wrote, the partners we loved, the food we ate, the religions we worshipped? Are we any of these? Or are we nothing if we have not discov-ered our true selves? Goan Crazy is a Goan female’s quest to find the answers to these questions while trekking from childhood to adulthood — The Beginning, The Middle, and The Now.





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Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2005
Series: Life rattle new publishers series ISSN 1713-8981
Numbers: ISBN: 1-897161-26-3
Pages: 90