cyber kisses

By Georgia Bassey


Overpriced plane tickets, a reliable phone plan, trust, and love. That’s all you need to make a long-distance relationship work.... Or so I thought.

Cyber Kisses chronicles the ups, downs, and anxieties of being in a long distance relationship. Using personal experiences, I tell a story.


This book is now being distributed directly through the author.

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National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Bassey, Georgia, 1989 -
Cyber kisses / Georgia Bassey.
Life Rattle Press, Toronto, 2011
(New publishers series)

ISBN 978-1-927023-04-4

1. Bassey, Georgia, 1989-. 2. Long-distance relationships.
3. Man-woman relationships. 4. Couples.
I. Title. II. Series: New publishers series

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