Breaking bottles

By Elizabeth Carroll


Out of Print


This book is broken-up into three parts: recollections of my childhood, native reserves on Manitoulin Island and my present life in Missisauga, Ontario, Canada.

The collections within this book record my experiences with alcohol in my life.

This book holds real-life stories that have molded me as an individual. The stories are not meant to discriminate anyone but to make my audience aware of the effects of alcoholism.




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Names: Carroll, Elizabeth, 1989-
Title: Breaking bottles : a collection of short stories / by Elizabeth Carroll.
(New publishers series, 1713-8981)
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978-1-897161-94-4
1. Carroll, Elizabeth, 1989-. 2. Alcoholics--Family relationships--Canada. 3. Adult children of alcoholics--Canada--Biography.
I. Title. II. Series: New publishers series
HV5132.C37 2011 362.292’4092 C2011-901799-7
Life Rattle Press, Toronto, 2011