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Aaron, Jenise

"Rosa Parks Had the Right Idea"


Achtman, Arnie

"American Express"




"The Commercial"




"Swimming in Mud"

"Two Actors"


Born in 1948, in Montreal, Arnie Achtman worked as a store clerk,
a short-order cook, a dance studio caretaker and an independent performance artist. He worked as an actor and taught Expressive
Writing at George Brown College and the University of Toronto.
Arnie Achtman died of lung cancer on March 7, 2005.


Africaine, Selina

"The Roti Shop"
"They Called Me Mad"

Selina Africaine immigrated to Canada from Guyana at the age of
twenty in 1970. Five years later, an accident left her with a mobility disability. At forty-seven, with her children grown, Africaine returned to school and graduated with an English BA from the University of Toronto
in 2004. Selina spends her time writing and painting. She is in the
process of revising a book that she has completed. Selina plans to
get her T.O.E.S.L. certificate to enable her to help low-income adults
further their education.


Allen, Derek

"Boola Boola"


Allen, Guy

"Nice Boys Say No" (with Arnie Achtman)


Ahmed, Syed Fuad

"Which Side Are You On?


Ameerali, Sultan

"BK Variety: A Story in Two Parts
"Condom Mania"
"Crap Lobby"
"Garbage Man Selling DuMauriers"
"My Valentine's Day Rant"
"One Night in a Basement Apartment"
"Night Shift at BK Variety"
"SkyDome: Death of a Thousand Cuts"
"Tattoo--Blow Job Story"
"You Got a Hairy Back"
"You Got a Hairy Back" plus introduction

Sultan Ameerali, born in Toronto to Sri Lankan immigrants, in
1977, the third of four boys, financed his education with “bottom-feeder” jobs. He earned his undergraduate degree from the
University of Toronto and postgraduate diploma in journalism
from Centennial College. Earlier this year, Ameerali made his debut
as a professional boxer in Tijuana, Mexico. He currently lives in To -
ronto and works for CTV Newsnet.


Anderson, Geraldine

"Bitter Bellini"


Ariyadasa, Ann

"If You Miss Me"


Ashberry, Virginia

"Dinner and a Movie"
"Jasmine Tea"
"No Ribbons"

Virginia Ashberry, born in Toronto in 1952, says that life was good until age five, when things went downhill until she took charge of her destiny at 40. Ashberry has been writing for six years and works for the city of Toronto.


Aversa, Talha

"John Grierson: Father of Documentary"



Bahrami, Firoozeh

"Neo-Organs: New Hopes for Human Organ Transplantation"


Bankovic, Tina

"Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: Biological Broken Telephone"


Barbara, Karina

"The Cradle of Filth T-Shirt"


Barkas, Vaia

"South of Assiniboia"


Barr, Todd

"Days With Dad"


Basaria, Nadeem

"Apartment 1701"
"The Ban of Tryptophan Supplements"
"Disaster Strikes"
"How Many Points"
"Dipping History Into Chai"


Bekoe, Albert



Belopolsky, Hanna



Black, Sean



Bracco, Carole

"French 105"
"Grey Nuns"

Born in 1961, in Edmonton, Alberta, to parents of Ukrainian and Finnish backgrounds, Bracco received her BA in English Literature from the University of Alberta in 1985 and her MA in French Literature from the same university in 1990.
Bracco taught English for one year in Paris, France, and then French and Spanish for eight years in a University Studies program in British Columbia.
When she’s not riding her Suzuki Savage motorcycle, Bracco’s passions include knitting and beadwork. Carole Bracco lives and writes in Toronto, where she is enrolled in a PhD program in Second Language Education.


Brookes, James

"Brain Aneurysms: Blood Balloon Bombs"
"The Fall of Man: A Brief Look at Male Menopause"


Bunda, Severa


Burke, Aline

"Early Magic"

Aline Burke, born in 1960 in Blanc Sablon, Quebec, the eighth of
eleven children, moved fifteen-hundred miles from her home to attend grade nine in the Eastern Townships—the only option for someone from her village who wanted to attend high school. Burke boarded with a number of families for three years and returned to Blanc Sablon when she graduated from high school.
At eighteen, Aline moved to Montreal where she worked as a housekeeper for a wealthy family in the Town of Mount Royal.
When she couldn’t stand it any more, she came to Toronto. She
worked in restaurants, as a nanny, at the Women’s Movement Archives and as a labourer doing demolition and construction. She also went to university for three years. Aline Burke became a painter and started her own business called Just Paint in 1987.


Butt, Nadia

"Endometriosis Sucks"


Calovini, Theresa

"My Classical Clarinet Teacher"


Campbell, Valerie

"In A New York Minute"
"Masonic Hall"

Valerie Campbell, born in Jamaica, lived with her grandmother after her parents separated, then moved to Oshawa, Ontario to reunite with her mother. As a young adult, Campbell spent time in New York City before returning to Canada, where she lives and works in Toronto as a Contract Administrator.


Carroll, Mary (See Africaine, Selina)


Chan, Robert



Chown, Lori



Chu, Hien The

"Black Market"
"Boat 52/110 Mindanao"
"Express Funeral"
"Green Chilies"
"New Year's Eve"
"The Prisoners of the Sea"


Cianca, Sherri

"Crowning Mary, Queen of the Lake"
"The Red Tricycle"
"We Need Water"

Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Cianca immigrated to Canada in 1979 with her husband and five children. She earned a B Sc degree from Tennessee Temple University, a BA from the University of Western Ontario and both an MA and a PhD from the University of Toronto.
Raised on an island in Lake Superior, Cianca’s love for wildlife and the outdoors continues to this day. Other special interests include children’s literature, writing and photography.
After years of teaching in both public and private elementary schools, Sherri Cianca currently teaches Math Methods and special topics in Language Arts to preservice teachers at Heritage College in Cambridge, Ontario.


Clark, Elizabeth

"The Bike"
"Chris or College"

"The Day Dad Died"
"Girl's Day Out"
"Santa and Other Lies"
"The Stovepipe Hole"
"The Day Dad Died"

Born in 1961 in the farming community of Campbellford, Ontario, Clark worked as a nurse in Toronto for over a decade before she moved back to her Campbellford
family home.


Clarke, Bernice

"When the Knife Turned Red"


Clarke, Denise P.

"Country Road"
"Good Friday"

"No Chimney"
"Waves Against Rocks"

"Travelling Black and White Across Canada"

In 1984, at eighteen, Clarke, her mother and two sisters emigrated from Jamaica to live in Toronto with her older sister and brother-in-law. Clarke, the mother of a thirteen-year-old boy, recently began her doctoral studies at OISE/UT.
In 1995, Life Rattle published Clarke’s Waves Against Rocks, a collection of short stories. Clarke now works on a second book about her teenage years in Jamaica.
In 2004, two years after she travelled from Toronto to Vancouver with John, Clarke made the return trip with him. They are still together.


Coome, Teresa


Teresa Coome grew up in North York, the daughter of Italian immigrants. When Teresa was fifteen, her severely depressed mother abandoned the family. Shortly after, her father did the same. Coome married at twenty-one, lived in Texas, Florida, and Thailand and now resides in Stouffville, Ontario, with her husband and two children, and studies psychology at York University.


Cooper, Ian



Cordeiro, Nelson

"On The Floor"


Coward, Audrey Briffett


Born in 1944, Glovertown, Newfoundland (before it joined Canada), the eldest of four children, Coward left Newfoundland in 1968, lived, worked and travelled all over the place before moving to Toronto in 1980. Coward describes herself as feeling “like an emigrant from a country that no longer exists.” She still considers herself as having one foot in Toronto and one foot in Newfoundland, where her family roots run deep—her great, grandfather Briffett came by ship from St. Malo, France as a stowaway. Her mother’s family emigrated from England.
Married, with one son, Coward earned a degree in Arts and Education from Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a postgraduate certificate in Human Resources Management from Seneca College in Toronto, and an MS (OD) from the American University in Washington, D.C.
Interested in education, business, human resources management, organizational change consulting and coaching, Coward is an active member of the Open Space Institute Canada and The Association for Creative Change in Organizational Renewal and Development. Audrey Coward writes and works as a change consultant and coach in Toronto.


Crasto, Audrey

"God Knows Where that Thing’s Been"
"Bloody Friday"


Crasto, Nicholle

"In the Middle of a War Zone"


Currie, John

"Mortal Fear"


Davis, Candace

"Chicken Thieves"


Davis, Jackie

"Thomson's North"
"The Undertaker"
"Who Was Tom Thomson?"


DeLellis, Mike

"The Day After"


Delic, Nikolas



Dendar, Sadiya

"History and Film"



Dimokopoulos, Demetra

"Whiskey, Anyone?"

Doherty, Stacey Lynn

"The Bay"


Dollin, Tamsin



Farjou, Irene

"In Search of the Hairless Gene"


Faye, Mike



Fischer, Ann

"The Christmas Clown"
"Good Enough"



Fitzgerald, Sean

"A Bright Nighttime"

"The Dead Cow and the Hay Soldiers"

"Spaghetti, Eggs and Signorinas"



Fitzpatrick, Jeff

"Going to My Brother's House"


Fretz, Cheryl

"How I Became a Teacher"


Gilbert, Chandra

"The Marlboro Man Conceives"


Giles, Adam

"Mini Heart break Festival"
"Tapes Bad, CDs Good"

While working towards a minor in Professional Writing at University of Toronto at Mississauga, Adam spent five years writing and editing for UTM’s student newspaper, The Medium. He then attended Sheridan College, earning a post-graduate diploma in Journalism-New Media.
Adam has written for the web, for several print publications, for
CTV Newsnet and read his short story “Christine” on CBC Radio
One. He has now returned to the University of Toronto at Mississauga, where he works as an examination coordinator and freelance writer.


Gilman, Jane

"You Catch More Flies with Honey"


Gonneau, Tracey



Graham, Karen

"The Benefits of Biotechnology"
"Biotechnology: Genetic Cut and Paste"
"Farmageddon: Biotechnology and Human Safety"
"Hurt Not the Earth: Biotechnology and Environmental Safety"

"I Never Knew the Man"
"On the GO"
"The Spelling Test"
"There But for Blueberry Pie"

Karen Graham spent the first eighteen years of her life with a
tight-knit family in Enilda, a small Northern Alberta town where
nothing ever happened. Then she moved to the big city of Edmonton and met her husband Ken. Together they have lived under a
dozen different roofs, traveled to dozens of countries and parented
three children.
Karen writes stories about travel, stories about her children, and most of all, stories about a tight-knit family in a small town where nothing happens.
Graham's book, Will I Have Hair for Grad? One Family’s Experience with Adolescent Cancer was introduced last fall through the Life Rattle New Publishers Series.


Grassi, Andrea

"Now Playing: 1930-1981"
"The Tour"


Guenther, Susan

"The C-Tube: No More 'Accidents'"
"Tethered Cord Syndrome"
"When a Neural Tube Defect Splits The Spine: Spina Bifida"


Haartman, Keith

"You're Doing Great"


Han, Huamei

"One Dollar Host"
"The Pink Dress"

"Yang's Love"


Born in 1970, in Village Jiantou, Linyi, Shandong Province, P.R. China, Han spent eleven years at East China Normal University in Shanghai, where she earned a BA in Chinese Language and Literature, and an MA in Chinese Linguistics and lectured and taught Chinese as a second language.
Han immigrated to Toronto in 1999, taught in Heritage Language programs and now researches immigrants’ experiences with language use and learning, particularly within the Chinese community in Toronto.
Huamei Han lives and writes in downtown Toronto, where she completed her PhD in Second Language Education at the University of Toronto, while doing two assistantships and teaching Mandarin Chinese.


Hann, Julie

Still Here: A Post-Cocktail AIDS Anthology (with Allan Peterkin)

Julie Hann is a registered occupational therapist and professional practice leader who has worked in psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital for nineteen years. She provides service to the Clinic fo HIV-Related Concerns and the General Psychiatry Day Treatment Program.


Harabaras, Anthe

"Ears That Stay Where You Put Them"


Higgins, Susan

"Why I Hate Tang"


Holmes, Lee

"Computers and the Hubble Space Telescope"


Howie, Megan Dawn

"Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever"


Hoy, Marie

"The Coal Mine Disaster"


Hunte, Denny

"The Home Visit"
"The Phone Call"

In 1967, Denny Hunte, age twelve, and his four siblings (one older
brother and three younger sisters) immigrated to Canada from Barbados. Rather than sending him to a Brockton Trade School (the
recommendation of the guidance counselor at Harbor Collegiate
Institute) his mother enrolled him in grade eight at King Edward
Public School. The following school year, Denny Hunte was accepted into highschool at the same Harbord Collegiate Institute.
Denny Hunte attended the Social Work Program at the then
Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. He currently works as a Case
Worker for the City of Toronto Social Services Division in an Ontario Works Program Office.
Denny spends his spare time writing and taking photography
courses. Stay tuned.


Hyder, Hira

"The Murres"


Iaboni, Lisa

"In Between"


Ibrahim, Sheliza

"Convict Cichlids: The Case of Sexual Selection"


Iscove, Naomi

"Inti Wara Yassi"
"On the Way to Uyuni"

Born in 1979, in Toronto, the middle daughter of three girls, Iscove has always lived in Canada, aside from a semester abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and months of travel in South East Asia, the Middle East and South America.
Iscove earned an honours BA in Economics, with minors in Management and Jewish Studies from McGill University in Montreal and a Master of Teaching from the University of Toronto.
Naomi Iscove lives, writes and dances in Toronto, where she teaches grades four language arts and grade five math/science/social studies.


Jain, Sapna

"Cowboy Boots"


Jones, Beth

"Under the Van"


Kadis, Daren

"Shock Treatment for Suicidal, Depressed, Psychotic and Schizophrenic Patients"


Kallis, Laurie

"Bow and Arrow"
"Stepping Out"
"Three, Two, One"

Born in 1963 in Hamilton, Ontario, Kallis, a mother of two, writes stories, makes and exhibits visual art, and campaigns to save trees from developers in Mississauga.


Kao-Johnson, Cynthia

"The Front Line"
"Paper, Rock, Scissors"


Kaukab, Anjum

"Perspectives Speak Volumes"


Kellhammer, Renate

"The Last Days"


Khatib, Bayan

"The Elevator"
"Where the Beautiful Birds Come From"


Kielar, Julia

"Introduction to Keyboarding"
"A Casual Encounter"

Born to Polish immigrants in 1961, in Hamilton, Ontario, the elder sister to two brothers, Kielar moved to Toronto to pursue her education in 1980. She ended up staying—except for one year in London, Ontario where she earned her BEd at the University of Western Ontario. In Toronto, Kielar graduated with a BA in English and History from the University of Toronto and an MA in Teaching from OISE.
Julia Kielar lives and writes in downtown Toronto, where she works as an English teacher.


Kinnear, Penny

"The Funeral and the Mistress"


Khokhar, Sarah J.

"Madame Tremblay"


Koerber, Duncan

"Aquifers and Wells"
"Brain Aneurysm Strikes Suddenly"
"How Scientists Study the Moraine"
"Oak Ridges Moraine"



Lacsina, Jeremie

"Love, Kindness and Respect"


Lee, Jennifer

"Beijing Heat"
"The Red Brick Path"
"Easter Lilies"
"Chinese Christmas"
"Copenhagen Mermaid"

"Going to Chinese School"

Born in 1975 in Ajax, Ontario, Lee spent a year in China, teaching English and improving her fluency in Mandarin after graduating from university. Lee works as an environmental writer and editor.


Lee, Seung Wan

"Kung Fu Guy"

Seung Wan Lee, born in Seoul, Korea, the youngest of seven, came to Canada at nineteen and studied design at the Ontario College of Arts, then practised her art at the Harbourfront Craft Studio for three years. Lee lives in Toronto and works as an interpreter and freelance artist.


Li, Kwai

"The East is Red"
"Farewell Calcutta"
"A Fish Who Invited Itself to Dinner"
"The Godfather of Chinatown"

"Howrah Station"
"Long Live Mao Tse Tung"
"Police Raid on Moonshine Pond"

"Visiting Relatives"

"Woody and Mei Ling"

Born in India, to Hakka parents who emigrated from China in the 1920s, Li grew up in the Chinatown of Calcutta. Li immigrated to Canada in 1972, became a member of the Certified General Accountants of Ontario and now works part-time in accounting while studying Religion and Professional Writing at the University of Toronto. Li received a Canada Council writing grant in 1998.


Lin, Evelyn



Lu, Doug

"Tent City Was Here '02"


Lui, Mandy

"The Plug"



Ma, Yun

"You Won't Be Interested"


Macesic, Nada

"29 Carnation Avenue"


MacRae, Garreth

"Alzheimer's Disease"
"The Solar Wind Creates The Northern Lights"


Majernik, Michal



Maka, Paul

"Sunday Afternoon"


Makkar, Gina

"A Starless Sky"


Mann, Serena

"F^%!ing South Asians"


Mangat, Damian

"Inside India"

Damian Mangat, born in England, immigrated to Canada in 1985. She has worked and travelled abroad for most of her adult years. Mangat teaches academic writing in a private school and works as a freelance editor and writer as she completes a collection of poetry and her first novel.


Marasovic, Jessica

"The Euchre Game"


Margis, Marie

"Bobby and Pinky"
"The Harvest"
"Homemade Soup"

Marie Margis, born in Ottawa, grew up in rural Ontario with twenty-one siblings. After leaving home at sixteen, Margis moved to Toronto where she lives with her husband and family and where she has just become a grandmother.


Mariga, Vanessa

"The Colour of Time"
"Understanding Creutzfeld-Jacobs Disease"


Martin, Lisa E.

"The Kilt"


Martin, Shannon

"Colin and His Two Favourite Ladies"


Martinez, Victoria

"Lizard Stew"
"Yes, Arnie, Sir"

Victoria Martinez, born in Manila, the Philippines, in 1953 the second and feistiest in a brood of six, started travelling after college. She visited Asia and Europe, then lived in Muscat, Oman, for three years. Martinez arrived in Toronto in 1988 where she works for a law firm.


Martyn, Marilli

"Sharing Life Experiences"

Marilli Martyn, born in the small vil lage of Taufkirchen, Austria,
was raised by her paternal grand parents, former circus owners and acrobats, after her parents separated soon after her birth. Her father
emigrated to Australia and her mother to Canada. At eighteen,
Martyn came to live with her mother in Canada, where she learned
English on the street and at her job as a sales clerk at Eaton’s.
In 1970 Marilli Martyn met her husband, and, from 1973 until
1977, they travelled through North, Central and South America.
They separated in 1984, leaving Martyn with two small children.
In 1985, Martyn enrolled in the Tran si tional Year Programme at
UofT. She graduated with a degree in Drama and English in 1990.
In 1991, Martyn became the Programme Secretary and Special
Events Coordinator for the Transitional Year Programme where she
assists students from all walks of life. She also tutors international
students and immigrants in ESL.


Maxwell, Jan

"Fish Eye"


McCartan, Sharon

"Mrs. Doyle's Hurling Stick"


McFarlane, Donna

"Losing Arnie"

Donna McFarlane, born in 1958, the middle of three children and
the only daughter, in Rosemount, Quebec, moved with her family
to Ottawa when she was six. In 1977, McFarlane came to Toronto
to attend York University as a visual arts student. She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1982.
McFarlane found her self in increasing abdominal pain with no definable explanation. As a result, she endured many misdiagnosis, hospitalizations and surgeries, which she later chronicled in her first
novel, Division of Surgery, published by Women’s Press in 1994.
Prior to publication, segments were broadcast on Life Rattle.
Division of Surgery, short-listed in 1994 for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, is dedicated to Arnie Achtman.

McIntyre, Gillian



McKelvey, Jill

"Don’t Squeak"

Jillian McKelvey, ‘a late bloomer,’ in herited two passions from her
father. Writing and Scotch. Four years ago—shortly after his
death—she discovered them both. With collected credits from Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto, she studied Professional Writing and Women’s Gender at UTM.


Michelangelo, Julie

"My Mom and Bramalea"


Milani, Afrooz K.



Minka, Eloi

"The Misty Trail"

"My Father’s Son"

"Scattered Bright Lights"

Eloi Minka, born in Cameroon, the second of seven children, grew up in Douala, Cameroon’s largest city. Having earned a scholarship to study in Canada, Minka arrived in Ottawa in 1989, where he earned a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, then moved on to Queensland, Australia where he earned a M Sc in Information Technology. Minka returned to Toronto, where he works as a software engineer.


Molefe, Kitty


Kitty Molefe, born in Brakpan Old Location, Gauteng, South Africa, lived in a community that was forcibly removed to Tsakane in 1974. Molefe now lives in Toronto with her two teenage children. She works with human rights organizations.


Moniz, Tracy

"Hello Dolly"
"Human Cloning: A New Recipe for Human Life"


Neshaw, Zamerul

"Mango Tree"
"Summer Trail"
"Yes, I Can Cook on Time"

Zamerul Neshaw, born in Guyana, South America, arrived in Calgary, Alberta in 1964, travelled by train to Toronto in 1966 and graduated from Seneca College as a Library Technician in 1987. Neshaw, a proud new grandmother, works as a library technician in Toronto.


Newton, Janice

"In Pencil Lightly"


Nguyen, Maria

"Precious Moments"


O'Connor, David

"Fate by Numbers"


Olding, Susan



Ong, Joyce

"Two Hard Years"


Osborne, Robert Charles

"Across the Street"
"The Boy"
"The Fish"
"Why Did He Say That"


Palinic, Adrian

"The Gravel Road"


Palladini, Peter

"Cell Phone"
"The Coat Hanger"
"Christmas Dinner"

Born in 1976 in Toronto, Palladini left school at fifteen and lived on Toronto streets for almost six years. Palladini recently graduated with a master’s degree in philosophy.


Pearce, Tyler

"Cleaning the Bathroom"
"Visiting Steven"
"Walking on Harboard"

Born in 1976, in Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, Pearce moved from Newfoundland to Manitoba, from Manitoba to Ontario and from Ontario to…? Along the way, she earned her MEd from the University of Toronto.
Tyler Pearce is not sure where she’s going but she is sure surprises await. In the scant hours after her current job as an office lacky, she takes pictures, re-arranges her bedroom furniture and dreams little dreams. She is the Toronto editor for Tart magazine, an on-the-street culture magazine published in Winnipeg.


Penhale, David



Perron, Christie



Peterkin, Allan

Still Here: A Post-Cocktail AIDS Anthology (with Julie Hann)

Allan Peterkin is a psychiatrist and the author of six books on medicine and cultural history. He is a founding editor of ARS MEDICA: A Journal of Medicine, the Arts and Humanities. (


Phillips, Nicole

"Why Good Drugs Can Kill"


Price, Robert

"Arnie’s Closet"
"Ricky Martin's Musical Head"

“Expressive Writing and Specialized Prose were the two most important courses I took at university. What I learned in the Professional Writing Program influences everything I read and everything I write,” says Robert Price, a UTM graduate who works as a freelance writer in Toronto.
While studying at university, Robert worked five years as a
writer and editor of The Medium, UTM’s student newspaper. Since
graduation, Robert has written newspaper journalism, marketing
copy, sales proposals, training manuals, business communications,
fiction and non-fiction prose and teaches writing.


Putica, Antonia

"Burying the Bibles"



Qadir, Salwa




Rajda, Ivana

"Quantum Money: An Application of Quantum Technology"


Rambert, Marsha

"The News Report"
"The Curfew"


Ramirez, Gloria

"One Sunday Night"

"Two Days, Two Jobs"


Reddy, Vera

"The Altropane Test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"


Reid, Lynda



Rejniewicz, Paulina

"Reality Torn"

Born in 1978, in Lublin, Poland, the elder of two girls to an English teacher mother, and an Archaeologist father, Rejniewicz attended the Karol Lipinski School of Music and Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Poland, where she earned her MA in Linguistics.
She came to Toronto in 2002, where she earned her MA in Curriculum Teaching and Learning, from OISE at the University of Toronto.
In addition to her studies and writing activities in Toronto, Rejniewicz has travelled abroad and worked in England as a tour guide and a bartender. She has taught English to children and adults in Poland, and worked at OISE as a research assistant for the Language and Literacy program.
Paulina Rejniewicz lives, writes, plays violin and piano, participates in the “Back End of the Donkey Theatre Group” and teaches writing at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland.


Reza, Tahmina

"Sweet Deal"


Robbin, Lorraine

"Dinner at Tom's"
"Sorry' Yes, Thank You"
Born in 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland, Robbin came with her family to Toronto in 1960. A stay-at-home mom, she makes time to paint and write.


Rodrigues, Onezimo

"Natural Style"
"Red Dust"

Onezimo Rodrigues, born on a farm in Central Brazil, moved at the age of ten to the city of Belo Horizonte and left school at the age of thirteen to help his family. Three years later he completed his secondary education. In 1987 Rodrigues moved to Canada, where he lives and works for the City of Toronto.


Rosales, Nelson



Rowanchilde, Raven



Sahlas, Aphrodite

"Gate B"
"My Secret Identity"
"An Orange and a Kiss"
"The Other Side of the Fence"
"Rendezvous in Montreal"
"Room 211"


Salahuddin, Faaizah

"Please Tell Me Your Memories"
"Prisoner of War in Camp #28"


Saunders, Claire

"The Greek God and the Apple Doll"
"Something Blue"
"My Mother's Underpants"
"Lemon Soother"
"Crystal Giraffe"
"Green Eyes Blue"
"River Eyes"

Claire Saunders was born in 1960 in Aylesbury, England and moved to Canada with her adoptive parents and older brother, Simon, in 1962. She grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario and moved to Kingston in 1982. For the next twenty-one years, Saunders worked as a nurse, a physiotherapy assistant and an administrative assistant in a long-term care and rehabilitation teaching hospital in Kingston.
Claire Saunders lives in Etobicoke with her partner David, her two daughters Emily and Laura, and Popcorn, their cat, “the little furry kid”. Claire welcomes David’s children, Crystal and Stewart, into her new life.


Sauvé, Stephanie

"The Future in Coffee Grinds"
"Nothing Lost"

Born in 1974, in Montreal, Quebec, Sauvé moved to Ontario at the age of two, with her Canadian father, Venezuelan mother and four-year-old sister. In Ontario, she earned her BSc in Occupational Therapy and her MA in Education, with a specialization in holistic and aesthetic education and a thesis on stories and the imagination. From this educational base, Sauvé found herself in a career that alternates between international development work and writing and editing.
Stephanie Sauvé moved to Vancouver at the age of twenty-nine, where she now writes, reads, enjoys the ocean and works in the International Office at Simon Fraser University.


Sayers, Judith

"Tuned Out"


Sebastien, Damien

"When Milk Does the Body Harm"


Sevels, Ingrid

"Drive to the Jani Concert"
"Snoring and Sleep Apnea"


Shaw, Richard

"The Polar Vortex and the Ozone Layer"


Shayan, Faraz

"My Turn"

Born in 1971 in Tehran, Iran, the eldest of four children in a Persian family, Shayan earned her degree in English from Tehran University, and a TESOL certificate from Abbey College, London, England.
After experiencing the difficulties of living in Iran as a female, Shayan immigrated to Canada in 1999 and settled in Toronto, where she has earned her MEd from the University of Toronto.
Faraz Shayan lives in Toronto, where she writes, reads and works as an ESL teacher and as a translator for an Iranian newspaper.


Sherman, Jessica

"Ladys Only"


Shupak, Greg

"Give and Take"


Sigalov, Natasha

"A Big Drum in a Small Blue Room"
"Fruits and Vegetables for the Russian People"
"The Kitchen Table"
"Ocean and Sky"
"A Trip to Israel"
"Under the Evergreen Roof"

Natasha Sigalov left home at thirteen years of age and has lived all
over Canada. Mostly she rambled about Toronto and Vancouver and every highway in between. Sigalov lived on the streets, in rooming houses, deep in the woods on mountains, on the sand in hidden beaches and in abandoned buildings—squats. Sometimes she held down an apartment for a few months—but, mostly, she wandered.
She pan handled, begged and read for tunes for money. She ate
at the Salvation Army and any other soup kitchens or food vans she
found. Sigalov hitchhiked across Canada and entertained tired
truckers with her stories. She babysat children in winter, in exchange for a spot to sleep on their parents’ floor. She trained dogs, chalked on cement, painted faces on rocks and glued pennies together.
Now she writes.


Sloujke, Lorna

"To Whom it May Concern"


Smith, Darren

"DNA: How Does It Tell Its Forensic Story?"
"Way Cool"


Smith, Jennifer Ellen



Snider, Laura

"The D-Monster"


Stephen, Jay


Stephen, Karen

"Carbon Monoxide: How It Kills"
"The Evolutionary Arms Race Between Bats and Moths"


St-Onge, Chantal

"The List"
"Seven Digits"

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, in 1971, the middle child between an older sister and a younger brother, St-Onge has a diverse background: a maternal grandfather who emigrated from Lebanon in the 1920s, a maternal grandmother who emigrated from Tchecoslovakia in the same decade, an Acadian paternal grandfather from New Brunswick and a Native Indian paternal grandmother.
St-Onge has experienced both rural and city life. With her family, St-Onge moved to a farm in Port Hope in the 1970s, then to another farm in St-Joseph, New Brunswick in the 80s, and returned to Scarborough in the 90s where she finished high school.
St-Onge settled in Toronto, earned a bilingual degree with honours in Sociology and Psychology from Glendon College, York University, a BEd from York University and a MEd in Educational Administration from the University of Toronto. Her thesis for an EdD in Educational Administration at the University of Toronto is in progress.
St-Onge’s love of travel and culture has taken her to the Caribbean nine times, Europe eight times and Africa three times.
Engaged to be married, St-Onge looks forward to raising a family near Toronto’s Harbourfront, where she lives, writes and works as a grade four French Immersion teacher.


Strathdee, Charlotte

"Bobby and the Hearse"

"Husbands by Numbers, or Why Lucy Never Got Married"

"Lucy's House"

"Saturdays and Little Boys"

"Six Where There Should Only Be Five"

"The Telephone"

"The Way We Crochet"


Szokoll, Natalie

"Ebola Virus 101"


Tarikh, Salma


"Bananas, Chalgozas, and the History of East Africa"



Taylor, Heather

"Expressive Writing with Arnie Achtman"
"Getting By"

Heather Taylor spent her childhood divided between England and Canada before her family settled in Southern Ontario in 1977. Taylor works in Toronto where she lives with her husband and sons.


Teclaw, Stanley

"The Arrival"
"Holy Saturday"
"Kielbasa and Candy Floss"
"Niagara Street"
"Star Box"
"V-E Day"


Kornelia Telesz

"Bridging Two Cities"
"Veiling Suicide"


Thatcher, Wendy

"A Member of the Cast"

Wendy Thatcher was born in England—no relation to that other
Thatcher—and came to Canada with her family in the early fifties,
when she was less than two years old. Thatcher grew up and went
to school in Richmond Hill. She started acting when she was eleven
years old, turned professional at sixteen and has been acting ever
She has appeared in every kind of theatre from Oscar Wilde
ingénues, to original alternative productions in the ’70s, touring
across the country and as a member of the Shaw Festival Repertory
Company. Wendy Thatcher has also written some very funny sto -
ries that have appeared on Life Rattle, displaying a well developed
sense for the absurd in the grimmest situations.


Thomas, Geoff

"From a Mountain Top"

"The Chief's Perspective"

"A Child's Perspective"

"The Mayor's Perspective"


Tompson, Kelly

"Indian Summer"


Tremblay, Lynn

"Detour Ahead"
"Latter Day Saints"

"Together in the Garden of the Last Supper"
"We're All Mad, I Tell You"


Julie Tylos

"Fifteen-Two and a Ghost"

"The Ladies' Annex"


Ukabam, Chinedu

"Black Boy"


van de Velde, Anne

"Someplace Else"


Veltri, Rosa

"Collapsed Bridge"
"Cotton Undershirt"
"Feta Cheese"
"Maria Florentina"
"Tipper's Fruit Market"
"Christmas Party"
"Half a Case of Oranges"
"A Heater and a Fan"
"A Ballerina and a Nurse"

Born in Toronto in 1976, the youngest of three and the only daughter to parents who emigrated from a small Italian village, Veltri teaches grade school in Toronto and lives in Mississauga.


Wagner, Anita J.

"Controlling Zebra Mussells"
"Driessena Polymorpha--Zebra Mussells"
"The Zebra Mussell Life Cycle"


Ward, Sarah

"Chapters Inc."
"My Last Confession"


Waterman, Laurel Eden

About Local Food: Four Conversations with Toronto Food Activists


Westerhof, Patricia

"Dad's Garden"
"Poplar Grove"

Born in 1963, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to a Dutch-American father and a Dutch-Canadian mother, Westerhof moved to Amsterdam shortly after birth and then immigrated to Canada in 1967.
Westerhof earned her BA in English at Calven College in Michigan, then a BEd at the University of Toronto. In 2004 she completed an MA in Education at OISE.
For the past eighteen years, Westerhof has taught English in both public and independent schools. In 2003, she co-wrote a textbook for secondary school creative writing classes: The Writer’s Craft by Sue Harper and Patricia Westerhof (Harcourt).
Patricia Westerhof lives in Toronto with a husband, two daughters, a cat and a gecko. She teaches English and writes short stories.



Wiggins, Lisa

"A Valentine's Adventure"


Wilson, Laura

"Bath Time"
"Communication Difficulties"


Yogathasan, Menaha

"Two Sides to One Story"


Christine Zobniw