The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 1998: Stories


The thirteen stories read at the 1998 Totally Unknown Writers Festival. These stories include:

Nelson Cordeiro’s "On the Floor," a wry account of life on the shop floor of a heavy equipment repair plant;

Sapna Jain’s "Unconnected," a woman’s lament about a man she enjoys good sex with but does not love;

Lisa Martin’s "The Kilt," an adolescent’s horror story about ripping off her skirt in front of schoolmates when she finds it crawling with ants;

Darren Smith’s "Way Cool," a suburbanite’s quest for self in a downtown tattoo parlour;

Peter Palladini’s "The Coat Hanger," a cool and shocking story of a runaway kid’s self-mutliation.


Mary Carroll (Selina Africaine)

"The Roti Shop"


Lori Chown



Ian Cooper



Nelson Cordeiro

"On the Floor"


Lisa Iaboni

"In Between"


Sapna Jain



Jeremie Lacsina

"Love, Kindness and Respect"


Lisa E. Martin

"The Kilt"


Julie Michelangelo

"My Mom and Bramalea"


Peter Palladini

"The Coat Hanger"


Judith Sayers

"Tuned Out"


Darren Smith

"Way Cool"


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